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Internet Solutions

C&C has in place a Web Development team consisting of Analysts and Programmers who design, develop and implement all types of web sites mixing and matching the appropriate technologies available to provide the customer with a solution to match his business requirement.

These web sites may range from being static, interactive or providing a full e-business environment with full e-commerce capabilities. Members of the C&C Web Team have developed capabilities in most if not all of the world's leading web development technologies including:

Java, Javascript, C, C++, CGI, Pearl, ColdFusion, Visual Basic, Ablecommerce, eCommerce Site development, Dynamic HTML & XML, Flash 4 & Director, Active X, Real Media Streaming, Meta Stream 3D Object Browsing and Streaming, VRML Worlds and Rendering, Active Server Pages, JSPs

These web sites can be built to provide a wide range of facilities inclusive of static web pages, interactive form filling and submission, eMessage hosting, Multimedia Streaming and Collaboration.

Web-Enabled Development/Database Integration

For customers who wish to provide internet users with access to constantly changing information, C&C's developers will design and develop web-enabled applications tightly integrated with back-end information databases made accessible through the web site. These databases can be any of the industry-leading Relational Database Management Systems such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server or FoxPro. C&C will also work with customers to web-enable and web-deploy any corporate or departmental applications that they may wish to make available over their intranet or the internet to their user community.

Internet Site Hosting

The Gillette Group owns and operates three of the country's leading Internet Service Providers - Interserv, Cablenett and Carib-Link. This has led to the amassing of unparalleled experience in the arena of web site setup and hosting; which is further enhanced by C&C's in-house capability to also build, host and maintain web sites for Companies and Individuals.

These web sites can be hosted either locally or internationally depending on the positioning of the expected user community. Web sites can be set up and hosted to provide a wide range of facilities inclusive of e-Message hosting, e-commerce site hosting, store-front building and hosting, Multimedia Streaming, and Collaboration. Customers can be provided with Virtual Domain Hosting of their web sites which allows the browsing public to access the site without being aware that the server is not located at the customer's offices.

Multi-Media Brochure ware

C&C's team of developers utilizes a wide mix of technologies to produce internationally accepted multi-media electronic brochure ware.

This brochure ware is being used by international companies to promote product or for Advertising and PR Purposes. This product can be delivered on CD Media or off the company's web site.

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