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Telecommunications Services

Authorized distributor for NORTEL

Computers & Controls Ltd. is the authorized distributor for NORTEL. Our distributorship covers state-of-the-art telecommunications technology, developed and manufactured by Northern Telecom, a 100+ year old company that is the World's leader in PBX Key Systems & digital telecommunications.

Computers & Controls Ltd. installs and services a variety of these Key Systems for large and small businesses throughout the country.

Because communication is such an intricate part of doing business, the telephone system you choose, and the company you choose to install it, can make a crucial difference to the total benefit of your organisation.

Interactive Voice Applications

Using CTI/IVR(Computer Telephony Integration and Interactive Voice Response) Technologies, the C&C technical team will design, build and implement applications made accessible over the telephone which may be delivering either static or dynamic information on demand.

C&C is an authorized Distributor for ActiveVoice, which is a world leader in unified messaging and computer telephony solutions, and Pronexus which specialises in merging voice and data communications into computer telephony business solutions.

Pronexus offers tools such as: VBVoice - a toolkit for developing IVR Applications and CTI; VBFax - containing a series of ActiveX components to create applications such as fax-on-demand, fax broadcasting, network fax server, fax storage and forwarding, e-mail fax gateway, and imaging; and Announce which provides for recording and editing prompts for voice processing systems.

VoIP Voice and Data Integration

Increasing global pressures on the convergence of voice and data technologies has led to the creation of new competencies and the creation of providers of a new string of technologies and technology enablers. This convergence brings together Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice over IP (VoIP), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Technologies over the intranet, extranet and Internet.

The old way or traditional PBX business has changed rapidly over the years allowing "customers more choices. Computers and Controls recognising that IP telephony is the future and our vision is to allow customers to implement IP telephony when there is a business case. e.g. R.O.I.

A whole new breed of what is being called Intelligent Contact Management has been created which facilitates the setup of Virtual Call Centers and can be easily and intuitively linked back to CRM systems. C&C technical staff are actively designing, configuring, integrating, building and implementing these solutions using CISCO Systems VoIP appliances and other products.

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