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Information Network Services

Computers and Controls networking engineers work with the customer to conceptualize, design, build and implement robust and secure networks to address the business and operational requirements of the customer on an enterprise level. Networks include LANs WANs and Internet Networks.

Computers and Controls is the authorized distributor for the industry-leading CISCO Systems end-to-end enterprise network solutions for voice and data integration using VoIP (Voice over IP) technologies.

Additionally, Computers and Controls is also an authorized Distributor for Nortel Networks Voice and Data networking Systems. Computers and Controls is also an Authorized Distributor for 3COM LAN, WAN and Internet networks.

Intranet/Extranet Development

Internet technology remarkably extends the capabilities of office network information systems. Enterprise-wide access to information and cross-platform file transfer eliminate distribution delays and reduce paper work and clerical errors. Computers and Controls custom builds and integrates private client-server office network environments with current internet architecture (Intranets). We network your corporate Intranet to other companies you select and provide a secure commerce and communication environment (Extranets). Intranet/Extranet development allows for preservation and easy scalability of legacy hardware, software and database systems.

Access to Data

Computers and Controls specialises in corporate-wide solutions that work within the framework of your existing IS architecture. With Internet technology, we integrate without modifying or re-coding current legacy systems.

Computers and Controls 's mission is to allow your intranet and Website (where applicable) to securely interact with your corporate databases. Information collected on your Website is sorted, indexed and stored in your company's internal databases - ready for enterprise-wide retrieval and analysis.

Reliable Security

Firewalls, encryption, and intelligent user access restrictions not only enable you to prohibit external intrusion from the Internet but it permits you to erect a "Chinese Wall" between departments controlling intra-company access to sensitive data. Security logs can also be used to audit user activity throughout the intranet and on the Internet. Computers and Controls 's router and host configurations filter information requests and determine who is authorised to access your information in accordance with your company's business requirements

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